Product Sourcing

Regardless if it’s high-end couture or fast fashion, a brand’s superiority can only go as far as the quality of its raw materials. Hence, the need for suitable sources. Design Hub will help you find a suitable supplier—complete with information on supplier performance, garment quality, testing and quality control standards—that is tailor fit for your business.


Product Manufacturing

Effective manufacturing requires capacity to produce in bulk, as well as in minimum quantities, while keeping the expenses at a minimum and the quality consistently high. Design Hub can help you find a manufacturer with the highest possible standards to help your business, or provide you with the technical knowledge to manufacture your own products.


Product design

Design Hub Fashion Design business has a domestic reach. We work with clients all over the world to help bring Fashion ideas to life. With a full design service at our fingertips, we help with strategic direction and creative direction, ..


Our factories all around the world offer the highest quality in products and services. Coupled with flexibility over order quantities based on requirement, we have one of the shortest lead times in the industry.


With years of experience, Design Hub offers a seamless service across all aspects of garment development. From factory technical packs to detailed measurement specifications, supplier performance and testing standards…

Creative Direction

Creativity is our specialty. We work with brands and retailers on all aspects of creative direction, including (but not limited to); mood, colour and trend boards, garment, product, graphic, label and trim, POS and branding design.


Design Hub is a privately owned fashion design, sourcing and manufacturing company. With years of industry experience, Design Hub specializes in fashion supply chain process, sourcing of various products and Fashion Design.Design Hub helps start-up Retailers & Brands to transform their visions into reality. Design Hub help in designing of apparels and accessories from idea to reality.Design Hub head office is based in Qatar, Doha, with our Design & Sourcing Team we’re able to service clients on a domestic scale.


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